Jack o' Lamb Turn

Rack of Lamb (serves 2-3)

Lamb Marinade

½ cup Olive Oil

1 cup Orange Juice

½ cup Brown Sugar

1 tbsp  Sea Salt

1 tsp  Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

2 tbsp Minced Garlic

3 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce

½ cup Course Ground Mustard

1/3 cup Honey

1 diced Red Onion (medium size)

Mix ingredients and marinate overnight in covered bowl or zip lock bag.

Pumpkin Prep (large enough to grill rack of lamb)

Hollow out pumpkin by opening from the bottom 6-8 inch hole for placement on the grill above smoker box. Carve decoratively with your personal touch.  Cut top of pumpkin (Lid) open, allowing enough access to run rotisserie through side of pumpkin and secure meat with prongs.  The more carving on the pumpkin, (eyes, nose, etc) the better smoke circulation and ultimately wood fire flavor on the lamb. (Reference video for prep visual).  https://vimeo.com/238153115?ref=em-share


1   Woodbridge Grill Applewood Smoker Box

Once meat is securely fastened to rotisserie, fill smoker box with Applewood or Toasted Oak and magnetically attach under grate, within the 6-8 inch opening in the pumpkin.  Turn on rotisserie and place pumpkin lid back on, enclosing rack of lamb.  Fire up single burner directly adjacent to the smoker box and pumpkin above.  Grilling lamb within the pumpkin increases the smoke and humidity.  Grill for 45- 60 minutes with medium heat or until internal temperature reaches 145F degrees (med).  Remove, carve, and serve.  For more well done lamb, increase grilling time to desired finish.

Enjoy your “Jack-o-lamb-turn”.